Carry With Confidence

The Texas License to Carry (LTC) course is designed to cover the legal portion of individual responsibilities and laws related to carrying a handgun in Texas. This course also provides a proficiency portion as required by Texas Law.   has other requirements related to obtaining a License to Carry a Handgun. These are:

2011 Pistol
Striker Fire and Hammer Fire

Familiarize yourself with two of the most common types of Semi-Automatic pistols. 

Standard Calibers include:

  • .22 Rim Fire
  • 380 ACP
  • 9x19mm
  • 40 S&W
  • 45 Colt
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Single Action and Double Action

Familiarize yourself with two of the most common types of revolvers. 

Standard Calibers include:

  • 38 Special
  • .357 Magnum
  • 44 Magnum
  • 454 Casul
  • 460 S&W
  • 500 S&W
Requirements and Rules

Students will take a 4 hour class to learn required Texas Laws & Regulations. After this portion, we will head to the range for the proficiency portion.

No firearms or ammunition are allowed in the classroom, but required for the range. Breaks are every 50 minutes for 10 minutes. Eyes and Ears are required for the range. If you do not have these, you may rent or purchase a pair from the range.

Course Requirements:

  • 4h classroom
  • Proficiency Course consisting of:
    • 50 total shots on B-27 Target
    • 20 Shots at 3 yards
    • 20 Shots at 7 yards
    • 10 Shots at 15 yards
    • Total of 250 achievable points, minimum of 175 to pass