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About Us

RMK Firearms Training, LLC is a small, family owned business, focused on expanding the student’s (that's you) knowledge and ability to safely operate and own firearms; and those that are on the hunt for personal protection tactics and strategies. State and Federal laws are like a loaded deck of cards, always stacked against YOU, the law abiding citizen. Living within those laws, on a daily basis, is frustrating and, let’s face it, a bit overwhelming. Thankfully, in almost every state in this profound country, there is a law (or a subchapter of that law) that allows you to protect yourself, and your family, no matter where you are. This is where we, as American citizens, can advance our personal protection mindset, which can be acquired by attending one of our courses, and shape you into a more prepared lifestyle.

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Born and raised in Round Rock, Texas, in a Christian home, firm on the morals of doing right, respect all, and duty, Robin became a family man at an early age and raised a family traveling the country working in the Heavy Industrial Industry. Within a few years, he quickly came to realize that personal protection, from the known and unknown, is paramount in evening the odds against life’s uncertainties. Safety trained and “do it right the first time” motivated, his passion for the protection of his loved ones set him on a course that would change his outlook on life. 

Raising a family in a home comes with challenges. Take that challenge across the country, from the West Coast down to the Gulf, and all the way to the Northeast Coast; and you have successfully increased those challenges 10-fold. RMK Firearms Training, LLC is here to assist you in your personal protection safety and wellbeing, guiding you towards a more defensive lifestyle that will aide in increasing your odds of getting back to your loved ones, day in and day out.

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Our Services

At RMK Firearms Training, LLC, we offer a variety of courses, from the Texas License to Carry to NRA basics in Pistol, Rifle and Shotgun. Whether it's just you, or a house full of loved ones, we can accommodate almost any scenario. Have you ever had that feeling of vulnerability in your own home or vehicle? Or, realized that life really ISN’T fair and NOT going to work out the way you had hoped? We understand and can help. Check out the courses we offer and send us an email.




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The Owner - The man, the myth, the legend (in his own mind), Mr. Glenn is your host for all of your courses and sessions

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The Boss - Yep, he runs the show with an iron paw, and we love him for it